Writing the Perfect Online Listing for Your Home Sale

Most prospective home buyers begin searching for their dream property online, which means you should put in extra effort writing your real estate listing description. However, if you’re not much of a writer, this task might sound exhausting. Don’t worry; writing a compelling listing is easier than you think!

Discover the importance of crafting a professional online listing to sell your home successfully in Texas.

Do I Need an Online Listing to Sell My Home?

As you’ve probably realized by now, selling a house is stressful. Do you really want to add more stress by keeping track of a real estate listing description? Although this may sound counterintuitive, creating an online listing can save you from additional stress down the line. Your home is capable of selling itself, but a listing that communicates why it’s the deal of a lifetime will pique the interest of multiple buyers. 

You can use your online listing to entice prospective buyers to visit your property in person. Follow our advice to ensure you write the best listing possible.

1. Choose the Right Amount of Adjectives

Now is the perfect opportunity to brag about your home’s features. The key is to be descriptive without overdoing it; remember, people can tell if you’re trying too hard. For instance, words such as “cozy” are code for “small home,” and prospective buyers are sure to catch on quickly. 

Sprinkling in key adjectives, such as “spacious,” “luxurious,” “landscaped,” or “chic” can add extra pizzazz to your listing. Conversely, using too many adjectives might make potential buyers feel like you’re trying to distract them from your home’s flaws. 

2. Don’t Use Red Flag Words

There are certain words you should avoid that can hurt your listing, according to a study of 24,000 real estate listings conducted by Zillow. The way you write your listing can impact your final selling price, so you’ll want to avoid using words such as “fixer,” “cosmetic,” and “tender loving care (TLC).” 

Unless you’re trying to market your property as a fixer-upper, these words will harm your sale because they imply your property needs lots of work (which may require lots of money). Furthermore, they give prospective buyers the impression that they have a lot of room to negotiate the final asking price. 

3. Leave out the Basics in Your Description

Many first-time home sellers make the mistake of mentioning their home’s number of beds, baths, and stories in their general description. Still, this information already appears elsewhere on their listing. It’s also important not to include your phone number because it should already be in your email signature. 

Save your limited listing description space on details that will make prospective buyers reach out to you for additional information. 

Don’t Stress and Contact Texas Sell Now

Writing a persuasive listing description is only the beginning of your home selling journey, and you’ll also need to host open houses, boost your curb appeal, and close the deal. If you live in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, you can sell your property to Texas Sell Now for a quick, all-cash offer. Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out. Don’t just take our word for it; check out our testimonials page. 

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