When Is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

When Is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

Before you sell your house, there are a few important things to consider, such as the time of year you plan to list.

Did you know that some seasons, and even months, are better for selling a house? Listing your home during the wrong time of year can cost you time and money. Properties that are posted during the off-season do not do nearly as well. Between sitting on the market for longer and low-ball offers, homeowners hoping to sell their houses are very much underwhelmed. Reduce the stress of listing your home by listing it during the peak selling months.

Learn more about the best time to sell your property below.

The Best Time to Sell Your House

The best time of year to sell your Texas home is mid-spring as the weather really begins to warm up. Historically, the best time to list your house is May 1st through the 15th. According to Zillow, properties listed and sold in the first week or two of May sell for $1,600 more and almost one week faster than houses listed during the rest of the year. Many factors influence and affect the market, such as tax incentives, job opportunities, growth in the area, and interest rates.

Many home buyers are working on a deadline and need to purchase a home within a certain timeframe. Because of this, they usually want to get settled and moved into their new property before school begins later that summer. Additionally, with kids being out of school during this time, it’s much easier and an ideal time to move. Generally speaking, the best time to sell your house is between mid-spring and summer, since that’s when most people want to buy.

The Worst Time to Sell Your House

Business Insider reports that the worst time to list your house for sale is during the busier, colder months, specifically October through December. Between school starting, freezing temperatures, wet weather, and the hectic holidays, most people are generally not looking to purchase a new home and relocate. Homes listed during these months do not sell for as much and tend to sit on the market longer. 

The Reality of Selling Your House

The reality is, you cannot always choose when you need to sell your property. In a perfect world, you would be able to wait until the peak selling season to list your house, but that’s not how it always works out. With the curveballs life can throw, you may need to sell your house in the middle of the “worst time to sell your house.” Thankfully, selling your home in a not-so-great-market isn’t your only option.

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