What to Do When You’re Selling Your Home: 8 Simple Steps

If you are selling your home, there are several things you should do to get it ready to list on the market.

Selling your house can be an overwhelming process — there’s no doubt about it. So, to make things easier on yourself, there are a few key steps you should take before you put your property on the market. Taking these steps and following this process will ensure you have the most successful outcome possible as the seller. 

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8 Simple Steps to Follow When Selling Your Home

Address Current Finances — Well before listing your home, you’ll want to take time to address your current finances. This means calling your current loan service to discuss how much balance remains on your mortgage. This first step will help you understand how much equity you have when you sell and will allow you to budget for improvements you’ll want to make prior to listing or help you plan for the next property you buy.

Research the Best Markets — Before you list your property, make sure to research the local real estate market. Knowing if it’s a buyers’ or sellers’ market and when the best time to list will help you get the most profit.

List Your Non-Negotiables — Take a moment to write out your non-negotiables, deal-breakers, and must-haves during the sale of your home. What is your moving timeframe? What is your budget for listing (including repairs, renovations, cleaning, staging, etc.)? What is the lowest sale price you’ll accept?

Determine How You Want to Sell Your House — One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is how you want to sell your house. Do you want to list it with a realtor on the market? For sale by owner? For a pain-free sale of your house, consider selling it to a professional home buyer.

Complete Renovations and Repairs — To get top dollar on the market, your home must meet a certain standard, which means you’ll likely need to do some renovations or at least repairs. 

Find the Perfect List Price — Finding the perfect list price can be challenging. You don’t want to list too high and lose the interest of possible buyers, but you also do not want to list too low and miss out on potential profits.

Stage Your Property — Staging your house has many benefits. It allows potential buyers to visualize what it looks like to live in the property and make the space appear larger. Staged homes typically sell faster and for more money.

Wait It Out — Selling your home can take sometimes take a while. The current housing demand, your listing price, advertising done, and more play a huge role in how quickly your house sells. The process may take as little as a few weeks or as long as several months. Be ready to wait it out. 

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Following these simple steps can help you immensely when selling your home.

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