What Do I Do with a Home in Probate?

So, it’s happened. A home in probate has just been plopped into your lap, and you’re at a complete loss at what to do. If you’ve just had a family member or loved one pass away, the last thing you’ll want to be thinking about is how to take care of their home in probate. This article will outline the next steps that you need to take to care for the home in probate so you don’t need to worry about it.

Maintain the Home

First off, it is important for you to maintain the home. Visit it regularly to clean and care for the property. This can also be a great time to reminisce on the life and legacy of your loved one by caring for their house and possessions. Continue to pay for utilities in case the home needs to be used. The presence of light will also give the appearance of life, dissuading robbers from breaking and entering. This will help you to protect the house while it is in the probation process.

Go Through the Legal Process

Next, you’ll need to go through the legal process that is required for home in probate. You’ll likely need to attend probate court, where lawyers and judges help individuals like you to settle the needs of the property. If you want to legally obtain the home, property, and assets of your loved one, you will need to go through lengthy legal procedures with the help of an attorney. This may take months or even years, since the home wasn’t legally left to you in a trust or deed.

Sell to a Home Buying Business

If you don’t necessarily want to worry about the lengthy, emotional processes described above, selling the home in probate to a home buying business could be the perfect solution for you. A home buying business would buy the house without any required inspections, repairs, or renovations. They’d also give you a cash offer, which means that you wouldn’t be waiting on any mortgage or loan approvals.

So, if you’re dealing with a home in probate, remember that you need to maintain the home, go through the legal process, or sell the home to a home buying business. Selling your home in probate to a home buying business is a great solution that will help you financially and emotionally during this difficult time. Make sure that you talk to your family members and a financial professional to know what option will be best for you.

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