Three Tips to Sell Your House in 30 Days

Regardless of how you decide to sell your house, there’s always a certain degree of planning involved. If you’re like most homeowners, your property is your most expensive asset, so selling it calls for a meticulous plan of action. The average seller spends approximately half a year preparing for their sale before listing their property, according to a report by Zillow.

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Time is of the Essence in Home Sales

Do you have the resources to sell your house in a matter of weeks? Some sellers believe it’s impossible, but once you master our secrets, you can sell yours in days. It’s in your best interest to sell your house quickly because if it sits on the housing market for too long, prospective buyers may grow suspicious. They might assume you’re unwilling to negotiate your asking price.

Follow our three insider tips to ensure a speedy sale. 


1. Research Should Be Your Top Priority

You’ve probably been out of school for a few decades, but it’s time to do some homework. Don’t worry; there won’t be a pop quiz, but you should diligently study your county’s housing market.

Investigate your area’s comparable houses, known as “comps” for short. Comps are houses of similar age, size, style, and condition that were recently sold in your city. Researching them can help you settle on the best market value for your house.

Keep in mind the housing market is infamous for being volatile, so even if you’ve studied every comp in your county, you shouldn’t let your guard down. Be mindful of factors outside of your control that may impact local house prices, such as interest rate changes and job market trends. 


2. Consult with a Real Estate Agent

Some sellers contact a real estate agent months in advance. Now is the time to search for a professional who can walk you through the selling process and track your online listing, conduct open houses, and handle closing tasks.

Decades ago, one of the few ways to learn about top agents in your area was through word of mouth. Fortunately, now you can find an experienced one in your county within seconds, thanks to the internet. However, it’s crucial to read reviews from clients who have worked with the agent you’re interested in working with. Avoid working with one who has negative ratings or poor feedback. 


3. Solicit Honest Feedback

If you’ve lived in your house for decades, you may not be phased by its less desirable features. Which defects should you repair before selling? Ask your family, friends, and neighbors for their honest opinions on your house.

It’s essential to seek out varying perspectives so that you can determine how much you should invest in repairs. You may only need to make small fixes, so it’s best to collect opinions before you spend hundreds or even thousands on significant renovations. 

Ready to Sell? Texas Sell Now Can Help

Selling your house in a few weeks might require disposable income, connections, and long nights. To save you the hassle, you can sell your property to Texas Sell Now for a fast, all-cash offer. If you live in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, we’re ready to buy your house, regardless of its condition. Contact us today. 

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