The 6 Most Expensive Home Repairs

The 6 Most Expensive Home Repairs

Whether you live in it or rent it out, you undoubtedly know about the out-of-pocket costs for home repairs.

As well as other expenses and investments necessary to maintain your property. 

Owning a house comes with many responsibilities. In addition to making your down payment, monthly mortgage installments, and homeowner’s insurance, you are required to foot the bill when repairs come up. Part of owning a home, especially older properties, is signing up to take on these projects and repairs — unfortunately, many of these repairs cost a pretty penny.

Continue reading to learn about the six most expensive repairs you may have to make on your property.

6 Costly Home Repairs

  1. Foundation Repairs

Problems with your home’s foundation pose serious safety concerns for you and anyone that resides in your home. Sloping floors, cracked ceilings and walls, and space between door jams or window frames are all signs of foundational problems. Any issues involving your foundation need to be addressed by a professional right away.

Cost to Repair Foundational Issues — $500 – $15,000+

  1. Roof Repairs

If you’re up to the task and have the skills, you can probably fix a small leak yourself. However, if your roof has one or more large leaks or is otherwise severely damaged, you may need to call the professionals to repair it or replace the entire thing.

Cost to Repair or Replace Roofs — $200 – $17,000+

  1. Siding Repairs

While siding is made to withstand extreme elements, it can become damaged in as little as a bad wind storm — not to mention Texas tornados! Damaged siding should be repaired sooner than later to avoid further damage.

Cost to Repair or Replace Siding — $500 – $12,000+

  1. Water Damage Repairs

The issues that can follow water damage are problems no homeowner wants to deal with — especially rot, mold, and rust. In addition to fixing the culprit of the water damage, you may need to repair or completely replace your floors, framing, drywall, paint, and furniture.

Cost to Repair Water Damage — $400 – $15,000+

  1. Electrical Repairs

While newer homes rarely have electrical issues, you can almost always count on older homes at least needing some sort of electrical repair, if not a complete rewire. Ignoring these problems can result in losing power or, worse, a house fire

Cost to Repair or Rewire Electrical — $400 – $12,000+

  1. Termite Damage Repair

Just about all insects are unwelcome in homes, but especially ones that eat away at their structures. Termites can cause major damage by feasting away on the wood framing of your property and compromises the strength and structural integrity of your house. In addition to treating your home to rid it of pests, you’ll need to make any repairs to the damage they caused.

Cost to Treat and Repair Termite Damage — $300 – $9,000

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