Texas Sell Now: The Cost of Selling Your House

A lot goes into selling your house: plenty of preparation, countless hours, and a surprising amount of money. 

When getting your property ready to list, it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to get wrapped up in the value of your home. Hopefully, you’ll be able to quickly pay off your mortgage and other debts and walk away with a hefty profit after that! But before you get too caught up in how much money you’ll make, you will want to make sure you are prepared for the cost of selling your house.

How much time and money will it cost you to sell your property? Read more below.

Preparation for Selling Your House

To stand out against other homes for sale and to catch the eye of potential buyers, you’ll want your home looking as good as it can. Unfortunately, doing all of these things it takes to get you there can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, especially if you hire out the job. Not to mention hours and hours of your time if you opt to do it yourself. 

Here are some ways you can get your home ready to list that will cost time and your money:

Declutter and Organize —Eliminate as much of your personal items and clutter as possible. Organize closets, drawers, and areas like your attic and garage.

Clean — Giving your property a thorough cleaning, top to bottom, will convey to buyers your home has been taken care of; don’t forget to wash your windows and shampoo your carpets.

Landscaping TLC — Let your house make a great first impression by boosting curb appeal. Mow your lawn, green up the grass, pull the weeds, plant blooming flowers, rake the leaves, replace old hardware, and make repairs to the exterior of your home.

Staging — Consider having your home professionally staged when listing and showing your home. Properties that are well-staged sell quicker and for more money. Arrange your furniture to showcase the space and your floor plan the best. This helps potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home.

Listing Photographs — Whether you take them yourself or you hire a professional to do it, you’ll need to take photos of your property for your listing.

Repairs and Renovations — Most buyers expect or may require you to make sure repairs and renovations or, at the very least, discount the sales price or make other concessions.

Closing Costs and Other Fees 

In most cases, sellers are responsible for covering closing costs and various other fees. Depending on your areas’ tax rate and the sale price of your property, you can expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars here. These fees may include: 

  • Closing costs
  • Agent commissions
  • Escrow fees
  • Title insurance
  • Capital gains tax
  • Real estate fees
  • And more

Psychological Health

Not only does selling your property cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, but it can also cost you your mental and emotional health. For many, saying goodbye to a beloved home can be challenging. For others, the stresses of selling a house can push someone well past their limits.

Selling Your House? Contact Texas Sell Now

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