Selling a House that Needs Repairs

Selling a house in and of itself is an overwhelming process, but what happens when it needs repairs? Keep reading to learn about your options.

If you are selling a property that needs some TLC, you might be feeling stressed that it will never sell. Aside from the few buyers that want a fixer-upper, most people buying a home want a property that is move-in ready and won’t require much time, effort, or work on their end. Luckily, there are a handful of things you can do to sell your property as soon as possible.

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Selling a House that Requires Repairs

Are you selling your house, but it needs repairs? Thankfully, you have a few options:

  1. Complete Inexpensive Repairs — Regardless of your budgets, big or little, you’d be surprised at what a difference a handful of minor repairs and updates will make. In situations like these, it’s not uncommon for a little to go a long way. Simple fixes like some fresh coats of paint on your walls, patching up any holes, and swapping out old fixtures and hardware will make a huge difference and give your home a newer, updated look and feel that attracts buyers. Not only are these repairs relatively inexpensive, but they also won’t take up tons of your time. 
  1. Clean, Clean, and Clean Some More — Cleaning your property is a crucial step in getting your home ready to sell, one that should be done well before listing and certainly, before you take pictures. Very few people are interested in buying a house that is smelly and littered with someone else’s filth. To simplify the cleaning process, begin by decluttering the entire property (yes, we mean your garage, basement, attic, closets, and drawers, too). Keep the decor simple, and remove all personal touches that make the house yours (family photos, magnets, etc.). These small changes allow potential buyers to picture themselves living in their home, not yours.
  1. Improve Curb Appeal — Another thing to keep in mind is your property’s curb appeal. Mowing your lawn, weeding the flowerbeds, planting some flowers, and placing planters by the front door will make a big difference and make your home more inviting. Nicer-looking homes will draw in more people.
  1. Sell As-Is — If you really don’t have the time or cash to make repairs to your property, you can always sell your house as-is. Selling a house in its current condition is a great option, and you won’t have to stress out about spending more money and time getting your home ready to list on the market (which can also take some time!). But finding the right as-is buyer can be tricky. Thankfully, we can help!

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