Quick and Easy DIY Projects to Attract Buyers in Texas

When it’s time to sell your Texas home, you want to make it pop, and DIY projects are the perfect way to make it stand out. 

There are so many homes going on the market every single day, so if yours doesn’t stand out, you might spend more time on the market than you’d like—and get a less-than-satisfactory offer. Instead, if your home looks amazing, you might edge out the competition and enjoy multiple offers. 

You don’t want to waste too much time preparing your home, but there are a few key projects you can complete by yourself in just a weekend. We’re sharing three great options for DIY projects that can make a big difference in the way your home shows up on the market. 

3 Fast and Easy DIY Projects to Attract Buyers

Depending on your needs, you may try one or all of these to get your house ready to list, sell, and move on to your next adventure. 

  1. Upgrade Your Front Door. It’s one of the first things a potential buyer will see, and it’s the focal point of your home’s exterior. With just a quick and inexpensive trip to your local hardware store, you can transform your front door in just one afternoon. 
    1. Start with paint. A fresh coat of your existing color will suffice, but even better would be a fresh accent color. Clean the door and any windows and then paint carefully. 
    2. Swap hardware. How old is your door handle? Try a new one. You might consider a keypad lock or a new design of door handle. You can even add metal accents like a knocker or faux hinges. 
    3. Functional upgrades. New house numbers will help buyers locate your home and update the exterior of your house. You might also consider a smart doorbell or swapping out any lighting, such as sconces or hanging overhead bulbs. 
  1. Yardwork. You can increase your curb appeal in a major way with just a little bit of effort in your yard. 
    1. Mow & edge. A simple grass cut and fresh edging along the boundaries of your yard can make your yard look more appealing. Hire a yard service if you want a more professional look or have a lot to do. 
    2. Minimize. Too much going on will look cluttered to buyers. Remove yard decorations, overgrown trees, bikes, and any trash. 
    3. Plant fresh. Adding some fresh flowers doesn’t take long, but it creates a friendly and well-kept atmosphere. Opt for colorful and fluffy versions that can be easily seen from the street. 
  1. Add Backsplash. It’s a trendy look that instantly updates your kitchen or bathroom without major expense or renovation. Choose a peel-and-stick variety and finish it in under an hour for a quick win. 

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