Most Common Reasons to Sell a Home

American homeowners are a restless bunch, moving every seven years on average, according to The Balance. Many people choose to start fresh elsewhere because they’ve outgrown their physical surroundings or personal relationships.

A home that is no longer a proper fit for one family can be another family’s dream home. If your house is starting to feel a bit dated, it may be time to sell it.

How Can I Tell If I’m Ready to Sell My House?

One of the trickiest parts about selling a house is that it’s open-ended, so there are no right or wrong answers. The best time to sell depends on your current and future needs, and you shouldn’t depend on housing market patterns because data can be volatile. You may be ready to list your home on the market if you meet the following conditions:

You have equity on your side
You can afford to buy a new house that better suits your lifestyle
You don’t have outstanding debt and have cash in the bank
You’re emotionally and mentally prepared to sell
You have a general understanding of the housing market.

Learning why other people sell their houses can also help you decide if you should sell yours. Below are a few reasons why people choose to sell their property.

Personal Reasons

If owning property is the only factor tying you to a particular region, it may be time to move on. Some personal reasons as to why people choose to sell their home include:

Starting a new job: Work-related relocation makes it necessary to pull up roots (unless you have the option to telecommute). Even if you’re not moving to a new county or state, it may be a good idea to pack your bags if your new workplace is too far. After all, no one wants to spend most of their day sitting in traffic!

Be closer to their family: It’s normal for people to want to live closer to their relatives, especially as they age.

Be further away from their family: Conversely, some people don’t want to live near their family. However, sometimes dysfunctional and fractured families grow closer after being separated for an extended period.

Financial Reasons

Monetary matters are another popular reason for moving. People’s incomes shift over time, and their homes’ values will either increase or decrease. Here are a few financial reasons as to why people sell their homes:

Upgrading to a more lavish home: As someone’s career flourishes, they may earn more money and can afford a bigger, more expensive residence.

Deferred maintenance: Some people don’t have time to install a new roof, replace their home’s siding, or check out new furnaces, so they think it’s easier to buy a new home; this is particularly true if they’ve lived in the same house for several years.

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