Issues You’ll Face When Not Selling Your Home Direct-to-Buyer

When you work with a third party to sell your home, there are many issues that can arise. Working directly with your home’s buyer lets you be a constant part of the process, but working through a third party can make things more difficult. These are a few of the issues that you might encounter if you don’t sell your home direct-to-buyer.

Inspections and Appraisals

One of the most frustrating parts of the home selling process is usually the inspections and appraisals you need to go through before you’re able to close on the sale. These tasks can drag out the transaction, and many homeowners have real struggles with them. If you fail your inspection, you have to extend the sale until you can make those repairs, and run the risk of losing your buyer. Getting a negative appraisal can lower the value of your home and get you a far smaller offer. Selling your home directly to a home buying company for cash can help with these issues. Home Buying companies agree to purchase your home in any condition, so you’ll no longer need an inspection as part of the selling process. Appraisals are also unnecessary when you sell your home for cash.

Costly Repairs

As previously mentioned, having any necessary repairs you need to complete can make it more difficult to sell your home traditionally. Making these repairs, however, can be a big financial burden for homeowners. Instead of dealing with this stress, you can sell your home to a home buying company that never requires repairs. These companies purchase homes in order to renovate and resell them for profit. Because they already have renovations as a part of their business plan, they’ll never require you to make these repairs yourself. 

Delayed Timeline

Another one of the biggest frustrations homeowners deal with when selling their homes is the long timeline and regular delays. Many factors can delay the process of selling your home, and each one of these adds more stress to the homeowners’ plates. The more time it takes to sell your home, the more financially difficult it can be. Choose to sell to a home buying company for a quicker and easier overall experience. Homebuyers take every precaution to make the process go as smoothly as possible for you. They guarantee that selling your home will take no longer than 30 days maximum.

When you sell your home through traditional means, many issues could arise. These are just a few, but the process could extend to be unnecessarily difficult and frustrating. Instead of dealing with the unknowns of the traditional home selling process, sell your home to a home buying company for an easier overall experience.

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