How To Sell A House

Selling your house is a huge deal. Your house is probably your most valuable financial asset, and it’s near and dear to your heart. After all, you’ve made countless memories in your home, and it’s full of items of sentimental value—but now it’s time to move on. Selling your home is never easy, but it is a worthwhile experience if you’ve found a bigger, better place to create new memories in. Here are some tips to help you on How To Sell A House for the highest amount of money. 

Understanding Terminology

Before you jump into selling your house, there are some housing terms you must understand first. Although it’s not exciting to learn all of these terms, it’s essential to have a grasp of what they mean as they pertain to your home sale. 

Buyer pre-approval: Any offer to purchase your home should come with a pre-approval letter and proof of the potential buyer’s funds. These documents prove that a prospective buyer is financially stable enough to pay off the mortgage. 

Closing costs: Buyers may ask for closing assistance, which is usually a specific dollar amount that will help a buyer with closing fees. 

Cash vs. financing: If you end up with multiple offers, an all-cash offer is more attractive because the buyer won’t need bank financing. If the bank does not have to be involved, the closing can occur in a matter of a few days—a homeowner’s dream. 

Timeline: Some buyers may ask for an extended closing date. Make sure that you select a buyer that best coincides with your timeline. 

The Perfect Asking Price

Now that you’re all caught up on housing market terms, it’s time to determine your home’s value. How much will you ask for your house? Don’t get too carried away now—pricing your home requires the perfect balance between your expectations and current local market conditions. The way you price your home will be the difference between receiving an offer right away, or your house sitting in the market for weeks or even months. 

Traditionally, most people who have sold their homes determine the asking price by researching comparable homes (also known as “comps”) that have recently been sold in their county. All of this sounds intimidating, but thankfully there are online tools that help provide an estimate for your home’s value. Online tools are a great starting point to get a range of figures that you may want to sell your home for, but you will have to make some adjustments. 

For example, if your home has three bedrooms, but a nearby comp has five bedrooms, then you can’t sell your home for a value that’s similar to the comp. Moreover, you’ll have to consider any extra perks that your home has to offer. Does your abode boast multiple pools with breath-taking views of the ocean? Tweak the asking price accordingly. 

Are you already feeling frustrated by the process of selling your home? Don’t worry; you can skip learning housing market terms and using a calculator to determine your asking price if you sell your home to a house buying company. If you live in the Fort Worth, Texas area and you’re looking to sell your house fast in exchange for a cash offer, contact Texas Sell Now LLC today.

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