How To Maximize Your Home’s Value

With housing prices surging to new highs in the past few years, you may be toying with the idea of selling your home. You can sell your property for top dollar and pocket the difference, then move to another city or state with a lower cost of living. Before you list it on the market, you need to spend time on renovations to maximize its value, so continue reading on how to do that in today’s blog.

Create an Open Floor Plan

Bigger doesn’t mean better in today’s market, but strategically renovating your living spaces will boost your home’s value. Several homeowners make the mistake of only using their basement and attic as storage rooms instead of efficiently using them. 

You can turn your basement into another bedroom, a party room, or an office. Consider converting your attic into an office, a playroom for your kids, or a movie room. 

If your home boasts a few spare rooms, you can convert them into flex rooms. A flex room is a double-duty room that can serve a variety of purposes, and prospective buyers will gravitate to your listing if they see your house has one. 

Best of all, you won’t have to spend much to convert your bedroom into a flex room. If you’re advertising this room as an office or as a study room for children, you can add a desk, a chair, and some curtains. 

Additionally, you can turn your flex room into a laundry room. Younger buyers, in particular, are looking for a dedicated laundry room, and they appeal to houses that have one next to the kitchen or bedrooms. 

Keep the Atmosphere Stress Free

Stone countertops that need to be sealed every year and wall-to-wall carpet that collects dust used to be hallmarks of a prestigious household. However, today’s homeowners are likely to equate them with more responsibility. They’re more likely to spend leisure time doing fun activities with friends as opposed to spending weekends cleaning the house from top to bottom. 

More importantly, you need to make sure major mechanical systems are in working order. Many first-time homebuyers will have spent most of their savings on a down payment, and they’ll ask if you’ve recently upgraded the heating system, plumbing, and electricity. 

Additionally, you’ll want to upgrade your roof; this will help assuage fears of water damage, ice dams, termite infestation, nesting squirrels, and other disasters that can result from an old, shoddy roof. 

Replace carpeted floors with long-wearing hardwood ones. Invest in engineered wood flooring, which uses a thin veneer of real wood or bamboo over structural plywood. Making this switch will attract prospective buyers, especially if they own pets. Pets are infamous for destroying carpets, so wooden floors are an owner’s safest bet. 

Contact Texas Sell Now

Although increasing your home’s value is one of the fastest ways to secure an offer, you may find it expensive and time-consuming. If you live in Fort Worth, Texas, you can sell your property to Texas Sell Now for a speedy, all-cash offer. Contact us today. 

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