How to Keep Your Home Cool in the Texas Heat

What are you doing to keep your home cool this summer? The heat can feel nice, but it’s also a downer if it overpowers your air conditioning.

Find out the importance of keeping your house cool in the Lone Star State below.

Why Does My Home’s Temperature Matter?

Although hot weather is perfect for swimming, it also comes with adverse effects. For example, some people feel angrier or sadder during the summer. Perhaps you’re familiar with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which many people associate with the winter. According to WebMD, 10% of the population experiences summertime SAD. Additionally, most families rack up outrageous utility bills in the summer by trying to combat the scorching heat.

Follow these three tips to stay cool when it’s hot.

1. Repaint Sunny Rooms

If some of your rooms have dark walls that receive direct sunlight, you know they can get too hot in the summer. Remember, dark colors absorb heat and light more than neutral ones. When you step into your white rooms, you may notice they aren’t as warm as your other ones; this is because sunlight reflects off of light-colored walls.

Although painting is a laborious task, it’s the perfect way to upgrade your space. Repainting your walls to keep your home cool may be all the motivation you need. Furthermore, using a lighter color on your walls may lower your need for artificial lighting so that you can save on your energy bill.

2. Install Heavy Drapes

If you think summer is the time to take down your curtains, think again. Sun rays peeking through your windows can raise the temperature in your home by several degrees. By restricting sunlight to your window sills, the rest of your space will remain fresh.

Additionally, opting for heavy drapes can also keep your home warm in the winter. It’s a win-win situation!

3. Generate Air Flow

Do you know someone who travels everywhere with a pocket fan? Before you judge them, you should know that a fan is your best friend in the summer. We recommend investing in ceiling fans if you don’t already have them. Additionally, you can spread a few fans throughout your home so that every room remains cool.

We recommend opening your windows for a few minutes to let the warm air out. However, you’ll have to close them to keep the fresh air indoors. If you notice that the back of your home receives more wind than the front, you can use your fans to create a wind tunnel; this will disburse fresh air to the rest of your house.

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