How Much Money Will Selling My Home to a Cash Buyer Save Me?

Are you trying to sell your house on a strict budget? For example, if the sale of your house is going to financially fund moving to a different area or purchasing a new home, you’ll want to ensure that you save as much money as possible as you’re selling your home. If you have a strict budget that is determining your selling point, selling to a cash buyer will help you to save money while getting a great deal on your home.

Get a Personalized Offer

First of all, when you sell your home to a cash buyer, you will get a cash offer that is personalized for you according to the value of your home. Even if your home is a little old or outdated, your cash buyer will calculate how much it is worth to give you their highest possible offer. This will save you from the housing market trends that can make your financial goals seem unattainable.

Skip Costly Delays

When you’re trying to save money while selling your house traditionally, nothing is really guaranteed until the deal is fully closed. Your traditional buyer will generally rely on the help of a mortgage to be able to pay you for the purchase of your home. If they aren’t successful in receiving their mortgage or loan, they could be unable to keep up with their part of your deal. This could leave you without a buyer after having lost a good amount of money throughout the buying process. Waiting around for your buyer to get the money necessary can be costly for you, both in time and in money. When you sell your home to a cash buyer instead, you won’t be delayed by payment concerns, and you won’t lose money on this step, since you’ll be paid fully in cash.

Sell without Commission

Due to their experience, there are some benefits to working with a traditional real estate agent. If you sell your home to an individual cash buyer, they may work with a real estate agent to purchase your home. However, if you’re wanting to avoid the costs that come along with working with a real estate agent (listing costs, inspection costs, commission costs) you might want to sell to a home buying company. Home buying companies are a type of cash buyer that will purchase your home as-is without any type of commission or realtor intervention. This can save you thousands of dollars as you close your house deal.

So, if you know that you’re going to be working within strict budget confines as you’re selling your home, don’t risk losing money by selling traditionally. Sell to a cash buyer or home buying business instead and get a great deal on your home. This will help you to get a personalized offer, skip costly delays, get paid fully in cash, and sell without commission.

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