How Do I Stage My Home?

You can’t underestimate the importance of staging your home in preparation for your big sale. After all, you want your home to look as elegant as possible for when potential buyers walk through that door. Home staging is a decoration method meant to highlight your home’s most impressive assets to help buyers envision themselves living in your house. If you master the art of staging, you’ll have no problem selling your home in no time. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, 49% of real estate agents believe home staging has a positive effect on how the buyer perceives a house. With so much to gain, it makes sense for home sellers to put time, effort, and money into staging their home.

But How Do I Stage My Home? Take a look at the following staging strategies you can use, so your home sells faster and for the most amount of money. 

Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before

Make every square inch of your home shine, from your floor’s baseboards to the corners of your ceilings. A clean home will let buyers know you took proper care of your home, and it will speak highly of your character; this proves you’re responsible and will make any buyer want to do business with you. Tackle all the tasks you’ve neglected throughout the months, such as cleaning the inside of your refrigerator and freezer or dusting your window blinds and curtains. 

Clutter takes up space, and space is what makes your home appealing to prospective buyers. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a remodel to make your home’s interior bigger, you can make your home look bigger by cutting down to just the basics. Don’t throw out your precious belongings to appease to buyers, but do look into renting a storage unit. Store away all of your winter clothes, most of your décor (unless it’s minimalistic and universally appealing), relevant documents, video games, and anything else you don’t use daily. Some people make the mistake of throwing out their bedding, which makes their bed look unappealing as a result. Wash your bedding to make it look good as new for the open house instead of throwing it away.

Patch and Repair Impurities

Now’s the time to take care of any tiny nicks, scratches, holes, and any other imperfections that may potentially decrease your home’s value. The last thing you want is for a prospective buyer to think you’re neglectful. Invest in a patch kit to fix small holes that might be on your drywall, such as holes created by a slamming doorknob. Remove all popped nail heads from your walls, as they’re unappealing and can pose a safety hazard to children. Use a melamine foam eraser pad to remove any scuffs on your walls. Be on the lookout for chipped paint jobs and add a fresh coat of paint to your walls as needed. 

Staging your home can be both fun and tiresome. The time you spend staging your current home can be spent on fixing up your new home. If you don’t have the time to stage your home, it’s best to sell your home to a house buying company. If you’re a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, sell your home to Texas Sell Now for an all-cash offer. 

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