Creative Ways To Make Your Open House Stand Out

Creative Ways To Make Your Open House Stand Out

Hosting an open house is a great way to get interested buyers to check out your home and ask questions.

However, today’s open houses are a bit more complicated, and making yours stand out is becoming increasingly difficult. People buying homes can walk through several properties in one day; they can all become a blur. Even the most serious buyers might forget about your home by the time they call it a night. Because of this, making your open house memorable is crucial.

Find out how to make your open house stand out below.

How Do You Make an Open House Stand Out?

Using people’s senses to make an open house stand out isn’t anything new, but it still applies! Make sure to play on each of the human senses to help your open house be memorable. Here are a few ideas:

  • Smell — According to the scientists at Harvard University, scent, emotions, and memory are tightly intertwined. You can use this to your advantage by making sure your open house smells good (at the very least, make sure it doesn’t smell bad!). Help your house feel like home by making it smell great. Baking cookies and bread or fresh flowers are a favorite.
  • Sight — Make sure the house is clean, tidy, staged, and bright. To get your home to sell for top dollar and fast, you’ll want your property to look picture-perfect.
  • Sound — Play some widely-loved music softly during your open house. Classical music is a safe choice.

How Do You Increase Traffic at an Open House?

In most cases, a successful open house is a busy open house. A steady and constant stream of potential buyers often leads to the sale of your home. Increase traffic at your open house by making sure you’ve advertised the house appropriately. The real estate market heavily relies on advertising, and thanks to today’s major focus on social media, promoting your home is easier than ever. Many sellers turn to Facebook and Instagram to gain more traction and get the word out to more people. To capture users’ attention, you can:

  • Post Wow-Factor Photos — Photos are your first impression on buyers, and good pictures will help drum up interest. Because the camera on the average smartphone isn’t enough, you may want to consider hiring a professional real estate photographer to help you capture those browsing your listing.
  • Make a Virtual Tour — Allow more people to look at your home before walking the actual property by posting a virtual tour of your house. Plus, a virtual tour will allow non-locals to participate in potentially buying your home.
  • Make Sure to Post a Sign — Many people nowadays skip the For Sale and Open House signs in their front yards. Drive-bys and foot traffic is a great way to draw in a crowd for your open house.

How Do You Make an Open House Fun?

Make your open house stand out by incorporating fun activities. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Set up a kids’ area with activities for children.
  • Hold a raffle or contest.
  • Set out goodies for the potential buyers to enjoy.

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