5 Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling

5 Reasons Why Your House Isn't Selling

Have you listed your house, but it isn’t selling? Then this article is for you! Keep reading to learn our insider secrets.

Every homeowner, who lists their home, dreams of a fast and pain-free sales process. However, this isn’t always the reality. Depending on the market, properties can take months and months to sell, and, in some cases, houses can sit for sale for even longer without interest. Why is this? Well, there can be a handful of reasons why a property won’t sell.

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What Makes a House Unsellable?

While there are several reasons why a home is unsellable that you cannot do much to change, such as location, a lousy floor plan or architecture, or low ceilings, there are reasons your home is unsellable that you can change and control. Issues like mold, asbestos, a lack of natural light, outdated decor, and clutter can all be addressed and changed for a successful sale. 

5 Reasons Why Houses Don’t Sell

Here are more reasons why properties don’t sell:

  • LIST PRICE IS TOO HIGH — Finding the magic list price can be tricky. You don’t want to list too low and miss out on potential profits, but if you list too high, your home could sit on the market for a long time. If your home hasn’t sold, you may want to consider adjusting your sale’s price.
  • LISTING PICTURES ARE NO GOOD — The pictures you post online need to showcase your home in the best way. If your home isn’t selling, your pictures could be the problem. Hiring a professional real estate photographer is worth the expense.
  • MESSES ON MESSES — Homes that are cluttered never sell well. Do yourself a favor and declutter and clean your home before pictures and before open houses.
  • MISSING INFO IN YOUR LISTING — Make sure your listing mentions all of your home’s key features and make sure to use buzzwords that apply to your property like “garage,” “detached,” and “updated” that get buyers excited.
  • WRONG TIME OF YEAR — Depending on the time of year, your home might sit on the market for a long time. Generally speaking, spring is the best time to sell your house, while winter is the worst time to sell. 

How to Get Rid of a House that Won’t Sell?

Owning a house that won’t sell can feel discouraging. Thankfully, there are options! Here’s what you can do to get rid of your property that won’t sell:

  • Make repairs and renovations, so your home feels updated and appeals to a bigger crowd.
  • Lower your listing price.
  • Wait it out.
  • Sell your property to a professional home buyer.

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