5 Insider Tips for Staging Your House

If you are selling your home and want to get top dollar, you will want to consider staging your house. 

A well-staged home helps potential buyers imagine what it would be like to make this house theirs. Whether you do the job yourself or hire a professional, a staged house can help space feel bigger and brighter, helping it be more attractive to prospective buyers. 
Of course, not everyone is looking to invest in hiring a professional staging company, so today, we’re giving you several insider tips for staying your own house.

  1. REMOVE CLUTTER CLEAN — Cluttered counters with heaps of junk are distracting — especially to potential buyers. Homes with piles of stuff everywhere make your house appear as though it cannot handle all your possessions and lack storage options. Remove personal photographs, trinkets and knickknacks, paper and mail piles, and anything else cluttering your home (even the stuff in your closets, cupboards, drawers, attics, and basements). On top of physical clutter, think about removing any visual chaos such as brightly colored accent walls. Sticking with neutral-colored walls and overall design will appeal to more buyers.
  2. DEEP CLEAN — It’s important to give your home a thorough cleaning. A sparkly clean house implies that the current owners took pride in caring for their home and would be a good investment for buyers. Clean and scrub the entire house from top to bottom. Make sure to dust the light fixtures and ceiling fans, trim, moldings, baseboards, and window sills and treatments. You’ll also want to apply a little elbow grease to your appliances and cupboards in your bathrooms and kitchen.
  3. MOVE AROUND FURNITURE — Now that your house clear of clutter and is shining like the top of the Chrysler Building, you can get to rearranging furniture. As you stage your home, it is important to truly showcase the space in a way that flows naturally. Furnishing the house will help potential buyers visualize living there and give them ideas on how to layout their own furniture. Bring in furniture that spatially fits the rooms and remove any furniture that is unnecessary or too bulky.
  4. ADD CONTRIBUTING DECOR — Once your furniture is set, start adding in decor that helps the design. If it is at all distracting or bothersome, consider getting rid of it. Find pieces that fit the space and go along with the aesthetic of the home.
  5. LET THERE BE LIGHT — Another essential part of staging your house is good lighting. Good lighting can make a big difference, especially to buyers, so bring in additional lighting if necessary. As you prepare for your next open house, showing, or photos, make sure all the lights are turned on (even the lamps) and open the window treatments. You can instantly improve curb appeal by turning on exterior lighting. Lastly, you’d be surprised how much more light pours into your house when the windows are clean!

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Staging your house is time-consuming and, if done professionally, expensive. If you’d rather skip this process, there are other options that don’t require staging your home.
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