5 Helpful Tips for Downsizing Your House

There’s no denying that downsizing your house can lead to plenty of stress and cause significant anxiety.

Between retirement, financial reasons, kids leaving home, and more, there are many reasons people choose to downsize their houses. Creating a new living situation with little room for furniture, clothing, and all of your other belongings in a smaller space can be tricky. However, making a plan before you make the move can make it a lot simpler.

Continue scrolling for some helpful tips that will make downsizing much easier.

5 Tips That Will Make Downsizing Your House Easier

Visit Your New Home First — If you have a new home you’re moving into and are able to get in there, make sure to take the opportunity to look around before you start packing. This little tour will allow you to take measurements and get an idea of the space. You’ll figure out which of your pieces of furniture you’ll take with you to reuse and which pieces you’ll sell or donate.

Downsize as You Pack — Start your downsizing process as you pack. If you know you don’t have space for your second set of dishes or are moving to a place where you don’t need your skis or winter wardrobe, don’t waste time or space packing them! This process can be overwhelmingly difficult and emotional, so recruit some help from your family and friends. Make three separate piles for what you’ll keep, donate, and store and work from there.

Think Multipurpose — As you invest in new furniture and reuse your old pieces, think about multifunctional furniture. Storage may be limited in your smaller home, so find furniture that has storage solutions, such as a bed with built-in drawers below the mattress or an ottoman that opens up to store blankets and other belongings.

Say Hello to the Digital World — You’ve likely collected quite a bit of paper over the years, and the clutter it creates can really add up. Before you move, sift through your old documents and get rid of anything you don’t need. For everything else you’ve decided to keep, try to scan the papers to store in digital files. Moreover, home videos and music can be kept digitally, saving you tons of space!

Hire Professional Help — There’s no doubt that moving is hard work! Moving and hauling large, heavy furniture is tiresome, and depending on your situation, may not be a possibility. If necessary, hire professional help, like a moving company. Most moving companies offer a myriad of moving packages, including full-service options where they’ll pack, move, and unpack your belongings for you. If hiring a professional company to help isn’t an option, don’t forget to bring in a helping hand from your loved ones.

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